eyla Dabdoub, 23, recently became the second runner-up in
the 2012 Miss Latina US representing Mexico–US. You
may think this is quite an achievement, but Leyla says her
biggest accomplishment would be starting college at Sauk and
continuing her education to earn her degree.
After living in Mexico her whole life, Leyla wanted to continue
her education in the United States but wanted to start in an
area where she could be surrounded by the Spanish language.
Prior to Sauk, Leyla did not know how to speak or construct
sentences in English. “This was my first time being long distance
from my family and in a new country,” she said. “I started at Sauk because I wanted to
go to school to learn and not end up lost in the night life of a big city.”
She arrived in Sterling on the last week before Christmas break. “It was my first time
seeing snow,” she said. She also added that her fondest memory of Sauk was when Ana
Salgado, cross cultural service coordinator, met her on campus that week, helped her fill
out all the paperwork and introduced her to everyone. “Ana changed my life. She was the
only person I could speak to when I first started because of my language barrier. She took
me under her wing and made sure that I was comfortable here. I always tell her that she is
an angel because if she was not for her, I don’t know where I would be today.”
When Leyla was at Sauk, she was involved in the Association for Latin American Students
ALAS) and was an IT work study. She also was a part of Student Support Services where
she received tutoring twice a week. “That definitely helped me achieve my goals and keep
me motivated.”
Leyla spent two years at Sauk. Although she did not receive her associates degree, she did
overcome her language barrier and transferred to St. Thomas University in Miami, FL,
to earn a Bachelors of Arts in Communications Arts in May 2011. “It has been one of the
biggest achievements in my life because I came here not able to speak English. After
leaving my family, going through the culture shock and other personal issues, I came out
with what I intended to do.”
September 24
Red, White & You
Look at Local
pm • East Mall & 1K4
September 27
Jamie Lono Concert
pm • Mathis Theatre
September 29
Red Solo Cup Casino Night
6 – 10
pm • East Mall
October 3
Why Do You Want a College
Degree? By Ernesto Mejia
pm • RM 1K4
Boomtown USA-Speaker,
Author Jack Schultz
co-sponsored by Sauk Valley Media)
pm • Mathis Theatre
October 10
Disability Awareness Event
pm • East Mall
October 25
Comedian Collin Moulton
pm • Mathis Theatre
October 29
Blood Drive
am – 3pm • West Mall
October 26 – 28
SVC Foundation
Used Book Sale
Northland Mall-Sterling
November 9-11 – 16-18
Fall Play (Pulitzer Prize
Winning Drama) “
Mathis Theatre
November 15
Hypnotist Dan Lornitis
pm • Mathis Theatre
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Alumni Spotlight
Leyla Dabdoub
The Sauk Valley College Foundation annual used book sale will
be October 26, 27, and 28 at Northland Mall in Sterling. We are
collecting used books through October 15.
Those wanting to donate can drop off books at the loading dock
located at the southwest corner of the building. All used books will be
accepted with the exception of encyclopedias, textbooks, magazines
and Reader’s Digest condensed books. The Foundation will also
accept DVDs and CDs.
The proceeds from the sale will go to scholarship and educational
funds. For more information and questions on donations and the sale,
contact Amy Viering, dean of community outreach, at 815.835.6345
or Shelley Gottel at 815.625.0027.