Did you know that there are nearly a million students
attending community colleges in Illinois? Each has a
different reason for bettering their lives through
community college education. Community colleges not
only offer affordable quality instruction, but as the name
implies, they are an integral part of the communities they
serve by providing resources that would otherwise not be
available. Here are my top five reasons why a student
should try a community college:
Affordable quality education
Credits transfer to other 4-year institutions
Outstanding work readiness skills training
Small class size with accessible instructors
Excellent student support services
As you know, Sauk Valley Community College has been
improving the lives of those who live and work in our
district for nearly 50 years. To date, Sauk has issued over
degrees and 9,600 certificates to individuals who
have used their education to better themselves, secure
employment, and improve the lives of their families.
We are pleased with the contribution Sauk alumni have
made in the district, state, country and even throughout
the world.
We here at Sauk are delighted to support the Illinois
Community College Board’s “
A Million Reasons Why
campaign and hope you are proud of your distinction as
a Sauk Valley Community College alum. I encourage you
take advantage of a community college near you and come
back to visit Sauk soon.
Dr. George Mihel, President
Volume 4
Number 3
Spring 2013
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Alumni are those who earned a degree, certificate or completed 24 credit hours.
A Million Reasons Why…
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Dixon, IL 61021
SVCC employees have a million reasons why they dedicate their lives to SVCC students and alumni!
Dear SVCC Alumni and Friends: