hroughout your lifetime, I am sure many of you have come across
special people that you are drawn to…someone you want to
spend time with, admire, and take counsel from. Well, I have
recently become reacquainted with a SVCC alum who is just that
kind of person. I first met Carol Chandler many years ago when
I arrived at the CGH Emergency Room with my child who
needed stitches. Her delightful personality and medical
professionalism made the patient and her rather stressed mother
me) feel at ease and cared for. Later, I met her again when she
wrote a heart-felt letter to the Higher Learning Commission about
her experience at Sauk Valley Community College. Our friendship
expanded when she graciously funded an annual nursing scholarship for
single parents. Now I look forward to her e-mails, letters, and visits where she always tells
me, “Amy, don’t take your eye off of your goal.”
That is the motto that SVCC alumna Carol Chandler has lived by nearly her
entire life. At age 15, Carol did not truly know what her life goals were after
leaving high school to marry and have her first child. However, at the age of
with three children and a full-time job, she returned to high school to
complete her goal of earning a diploma.
Following high school, Carol took a job at SVCC as an administrative assistant.
The first day I walked into SVCC, it opened a whole new world for me,” she
exclaimed. She worked for several departments but realized that she needed to
make more money to support herself and children. She made the decision to stop
working and start full-time at SVCC in the healthcare program. It was not an
easy road, but Carol again accomplished her goal as she earned her Associate
Degree in Nursing in 1976 with the top GPA in her graduating class.
After SVCC, she cared for others as a registered nurse for over 30 years. She
worked at KSB Hospital for 10 years in medical/surgery department and moved
to CGHMedical Center for the remainder of her career spending most of her
time as a trauma nurse specialist in the ER and also working in the digestive
disease wing. “I loved every minute of it. I met a large variety of people and
never had a dull moment.” Carol also loved school. She set out to earn her
bachelor’s degree from Clark College in 1992 and received her diploma in 1998,
graduating magna cum laude.
Although she retired in 2007, Carol still gives back to the community as she
serves on the Lee County Genealogical Society and Lee County Historical
Society boards, chairs the Dixon Tree Commission, writes for the Sauk Valley
Sun and helps with reading programs at various schools and libraries.
As a scared 15 year old girl, she never believed she would accomplish so much in
her life, but she has. Carol wants to make sure that others can do the same. She
has made a good life for herself, her family and has a strong desire to give back to
people and places that made her who she is today, with Sauk being one of the
first on her list. She has set up a scholarship for SVCC students to help them
remember “Don’t take your eyes off of your goal.” Every semester a student in
healthcare will be awarded $250 to help them have the same quality education
that Carol received from SVCC.
I am thankful to know such an accomplished and giving person. I just wish everyone
could spend a little time with Carol Chandler. It would do the world good.
Stay connected,
Amy Viering
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