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SVC Foundation and Sauk Alumni Association

Board of Directors

The Sauk Valley Community College Foundation Board of Directors works to enhance the quality of life through learning. Members honor the college's core values of collaboration, excellence, integrity, learning and respect as they provide council and assistance via strategic planning and fundraising.

For questions or further information concerning the Foundation Board or its members, please contact Lori Cortez at 815-835-6260 or by email at

Board Members

  • Ron Coplan
    Ronald Coplan
  • Mary Mahan-Deatherage
    Mary Mahan-Deatherage
  • Rebekah Emery
    Rebekah Emery
  • Piper Grazulis
    Piper Grazulis
  • Marcia Jones
    Marcia Jones
  • Jenny Koch
    Jenny Koch
  • Joan M Padilla
    Joan M Padilla
  • Brenda Reynolds
    Brenda Reynolds
  • Robert Sondgeroth
    Robert Sondgeroth
  • Lisa Steinke
    Lisa Steinke
  • Penny Thomas
    Penny Thomas
  • John Thompson
    John Thompson
  • Elizabeth Wahl
    Elizabeth Wahl
  • William Wescott
    William Wescott

SVCC Staff

  • Sharri Miller
    Lori Cortez
    Dean of Foundation, Grants, and Government Relations
  • Angie Delhotal
    Angie Delhotal
    Foundation Administrative Assistant
  • Dr. David Hellmich
    Dr. David Hellmich
  • Melissa Dye
    Melissa Dye
    Director of Business Services
  • Margaret Tyne
    Margaret Tyne
    College Board Liaison