Sauk Makes it Possible — You Make it Happen
SVC Foundation and Sauk Alumni Association


Foundation Committee meetings are subject to change at any time and are by invitation only.

Executive Committee 2016-17
President, Robert Sondgeroth
Vice President/Chair, Penny Thomas
Treasurer/Chair, Rebekah Emery
Secretary, Piper Grazulis
Chair, Mary Mahan-Deatherage
Chair, Melissa Dye
Chair, Joan Padilla
Finance Committee 2016-17
Chair, Becky Emery
Finance Committee meets monthly at 7 a.m. with dates to be discussed.
Marketing Committee 2016-17
Chair, Mary Mahan Deatherage
Marketing Committee meets as needed.
Alumni Committee 2016-17
Chair, Melissa Dye
Alumni Committee meets as needed.
Fundraising Committee 2016-17
Chair, Penny Thomas
Fundraising Committee meets as needed.
Scholarship Committee 2016-17
Chair, Joan Padilla
Scholarship Committee meets as needed.