Sauk Makes it Possible, You Make it Happen.
SVC Foundation and Sauk Alumni Association


Foundation Committee meetings are subject to change at any time and are by invitation only.

Executive Committee 2016-17
President, Robert Sondgeroth
Vice President/Chair, Penny Thomas
Treasurer/Chair, Rebekah Emery
Secretary, Piper Grazulis
Chair, Mary Mahan-Deatherage
Chair, Melissa Dye
Chair, Joan Padilla
Finance Committee 2016-17
Chair, Becky Emery
Finance Committee meets monthly at 7 a.m. with dates to be discussed.
Marketing Committee 2016-17
Chair, Mary Mahan Deatherage
Marketing Committee meets as needed.
Alumni Committee 2016-17
Chair, Melissa Dye
Alumni Committee meets as needed.
Fundraising Committee 2016-17
Chair, Penny Thomas
Fundraising Committee meets as needed.
Scholarship Committee 2016-17
Chair, Joan Padilla
Scholarship Committee meets as needed.