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Special Projects

Special Projects - FY 1992-present

The following is a list of special projects the College has funded over the past years.

Academic Programs:
 Biology (Microvideo System, Computer Equipment & Software, ADA Mobile Lab Station)
 Drafting (Manual Drafting Equipment)
 Health Careers (CathSim Intravenous Modules, Sanyo Projector)
 Industrial Technology (Individualized Lab)
 Machine Tool (CNC Lathe)
 Music (Midi/Audio Recording Studio)
 Physical Education (Fencing Equipment)
 Physics (Precision Air Tables, Nuclear Lab)
 Theater (Patch Lighting Panel)
Alumni Association (Commencement Receptions, Outstanding Alumnus Awards)
Art Department:
 Art Acquisition
 Drawing Tablets & Pens
 Graphic Arts & Design lab
Career Fair
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)
Child Care Center (Child-sized Tables & Chairs)
Corporate & Community Services (Laptop Computer Lab)
Fine Arts (Matching Grant)
Fitness Center (Cardio Theatre, Recumbent Bicycle)
Honors Awards
Honors Credit in Escro
Instructional Technology Center
Learning Resource Center (Automated Card Catalog, International Encyclopedia)
Madrigal Costumes
PrairieQuest Fest
Short-term Student Loans
Single Parents Awards
Single Parents Endowment
Student Ambassadors Program
Student Housing Project
Student Needs Testing
Student Support Services Awards
Technology Collegium
Technology Enhanced Classrooms
Wellness Activities for Full-Time Employees
Total Amount Funded