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Employee Assistance

The Joanie Hipple Caring Fund (fund) was officially formed in November of 2014. It is under the direction of the Sauk Valley College Foundation (foundation) with assistance from a committee of at least three individuals from the college. The Committee’s mission is to respond to the financial support requests from the employees and student workers of SVCC in their time of need.

Joanie Hipple, a former college employee of thirty years, loved her years at Sauk Valley Community College. When talking about her time at SVCC, she always spoke highly of her co-workers and student workers. She stated how much she enjoyed working with such amazing people and always wanted to help those in need. Joanie would have been quite proud to have her legacy live on to help the people at SVCC whom she held dear.

The Joanie Hipple Caring Fund is an endowment that has been established with the Sauk Valley College Foundation. All income earned by the endowment will be made available annually to the committee at the start of each fiscal year to be used to provide support to employees who make requests. Support will be granted for the year until all funds are exhausted. This support will be available to all employees and student workers. The Foundation and Committee are committed to ensuring fair and equitable treatment to all applicants to the best of their ability and with utmost confidentiality.

The Sauk Valley College Foundation will select the committee members and the Foundation Manager will be the chair of the committee. The primary purpose of the fund is to provide a revenue source generate income to assist all employees or student workers, who meet pre-determined criteria, with support when requested.

Many college personnel and outside donors have donated funds to create this endowment. Contributions in any amount will be accepted and added to the fund either as an endowment contribution or for immediate spending as dictated by the donor. The Foundation and Committee will continue to find ways to grow the endowment to create as many opportunities for funding as possible. For additional information, contact Lori Cortez, Sauk Valley College Foundation, at 815-835-6260.

If you are an employee or student worker at SVCC in need of assistance, please contact any of the above committee members or complete the application form and submit it to the Sauk Valley College Foundation, Room 3L8.