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The Bailey Award for Business and Education

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The Sauk Valley Community College Bailey Award for Business and Education Scholarship is an annual scholarship established to assist one or more full-time Sauk Valley Community College student(s) with a major in Office and Administrative Services or student(s) planning to transfer to an upper-division institution with a major in Business Teacher Education.

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Full-time Sauk Valley Community College student who resides within the Sauk Valley Community College district. Must have a minimum of 15 completed hours with an overall GPA of 2.5. Program or field of study: Office and Administrative Services or transfer student pursuing Business Teacher Education degree. Must have financial need as determined by the SVCC Financial Aid Department. Applicant is NOT eligible for this scholarship if on a level 3 “suspension” or higher.
Three (3) scholarships at $625.00 each.
Qualifying Expenses:
Tuition, books and fees. All unused funds will be returned to the Sauk Valley College Foundation.
Application Requirements:
Complete the SVCC Bailey Award for Business and Education Scholarship Application. Submit a 200 word essay on how you plan to use your degree. Submit unofficial transcript with completed course hours listed and current GPA. Must have a completed FAFSA on file in SVCC Financial Aid Department.

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