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SVC Foundation and Sauk Alumni Association

SVC Foundation Scholarships

The Sauk Valley College Foundation Scholarship Program was founded at the same time the College opened its doors in 1966. The purpose of the program is to provide, through community support, scholarship funds for students attending Sauk Valley Community College. These scholarships enable many students to continue their education and begin productive and satisfying careers in our community.

Scholarships are supported annually by alumni, family, friends, and local employers and organizations. This past year the Foundation has processed over $180,000 in scholarships, and other forms of financial assistance, to needy students.

Sauk Valley College Endowment Scholarships

One of the greatest priorities of the College is to provide our students with the financial assistance necessary to achieve their educational goals. It now costs a full-time student at SVCC approximately $1600 per semester for tuition, with additional costs for fees and books. While this is an educational bargain, many students still need financial assistance. It is the generosity of the community which helps provide this needed support.

Additional scholarship opportunities will be posted at the first of each month. Please check back regularly for updates. Please call the Foundation at 815-835-6345 if you have any questions or concerns.

Scholarship Application Tips and Hints


Sample Scholarship
Deadline Date: 04-15-2019
Ten (10) scholarships at $800.00 each.
Pastor Jaeger Science Scholarship
Deadline Date: 08-15-2018
One (1) scholarship for $500


The Teddy J Nicklaus Memorial Scholarship
Deadline Date: 08-15-2018
One (1) scholarship at $350.00 for fall 2018 semester.