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Sauk Valley Bank Accounting Scholarship

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The Sauk Valley Bank Accounting Scholarship is a scholarship established to assist Sauk students in the Business program seeking a degree in Business-Accounting, or an Associate in Applied Science degree in Accounting with educational expenses such as tuition, books and fees.

Must be a Business / Accounting major. GPA of 2.5 or above.
One (1) scholarship of $500.00
Qualifying Expenses:
Tuition, books and fees. No part of this scholarship will be awarded to the recipient, all unused funds will be returned to the Sauk Valley College Foundation.
Application Requirements:
Complete the Sauk Valley Bank Accounting Scholarship application. Submit a 200 word essay on the role that banks play in supporting the business industry. Unofficial transcript to verify GPA and major. Must have a completed FAFSA on file in SVCC Financial Aid Department.

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