SVCC HLC Self-Study Document

Sauk Valley Community College
HLC Self-Study Document

September 19-21, 2011

1C.3: Mission-Linked Strategic Decisions

The effectiveness of Sauk’s planning system to keep college actions aligned with the Mission are evidenced in the following changes that have occurred over the past few years:

Additional evidence that the strategic and tactical operations of the college flow from the Strategic Directions is found in the existence of ideas that surfaced, but were dismissed because of a lack of congruence with the Mission. For example, the Sauk Valley College Foundation approached the President’s Cabinet at its November 4, 2008, meeting about paying the fees for local immigrants to take the U.S. citizenship test. When measured against the Mission, there was no directive to provide such a service, and the college declined to take this specific action. However, Sauk later collaborated with Trabajando Juntos, a local group that works to empower the local Hispanic community, to offer two Citizenship Clinics, which addressed the educational needs of those desiring citizenship in a way that does carry out the Mission.