SVCC HLC Self-Study Document

Sauk Valley Community College
HLC Self-Study Document

September 19-21, 2011

2B.5: Concern for Continued Educational Quality

With funding in short supply, Sauk continues to guard its future by funding quality educational programs and support:

Sauk is continuously looking at how the current campus can be adapted to meet the future needs of students. Over the last ten years, construction projects have been relatively small, commonly limited to partitioning rooms or improving accessibility, because Illinois’ capital funding has been difficult to obtain. The State of Illinois funds construction projects for educational facilities through the Resource Allocation and Management Program (RAMP) process. Schools submit projects for review and inclusion in the program. Sauk currently has an approved $3.6 million remodel and refurbishment of the natural science laboratories near the top of the list. This project has been waiting for funding since 2000, but the state has not released any funding for capital projects for several years.

Sauk is required to have a current master plan on file with the ICCB. The 2007 ICCB Recognition Report recommended that the college conduct a more comprehensive master plan than the internally generated plan written in 2005. In response, Sauk took action to create one:

Present plans include utilizing funding bond monies to begin building renovations according to the priorities listed in the 2010 master plan. As a result, Sauk’s technology wing remodeling is scheduled to be completed during phase 1, which will be underway during fall 2011, and the science lab remodeling will be accomplished during phase 2.