SVCC HLC Self-Study Document

Sauk Valley Community College
HLC Self-Study Document

September 19-21, 2011

4D.2: Responsible Use of Technology

Sauk maintains guidelines for the responsible use of technology in gaining, sharing, and disseminating information (link to digital resource room support). The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), authorized by Board Policy 429.01 (link to digital resource room support), outlines for all college employees, students, and stakeholders which activities conducted using school technology violate ethical standards, as well as privacy, intellectual, and copyright laws. The policy includes clear examples of the types of actions or behaviors which violate these laws, as well as consequences.

The AUP clearly states that the technological services of the college are closely monitored and that users should expect no right to privacy when using resources provided by the college. Several specific areas of concern are addressed by the AUP:

Privacy Rights

Responsible use of technology relates to the privacy of individuals and the access which staff has to records and information. Several distinct policies address this area of concern: