SVCC HLC Self-Study Document

Sauk Valley Community College
HLC Self-Study Document

September 19-21, 2011

5C.1: Collaborative Ventures

An important collaboration for Sauk is its working relationship with local K-12 schools. The primary responsibility is carried out by the Student Services Office through a variety of outreach initiatives. The Counseling staff has a long history of regular contact with local high schools, including administering on-site placement testing and registration. In addition, the Student Needs Coordinator cooperates with developing Individual Education Plans (IEP) to assist students transitioning to Sauk.

Sauk has historically maintained three staff positions to serve as liaisons with district schools, including Recruiter, Coordinator of High School Relations, and Tech-Prep Coordinator (2.5 FTE), to inform students and families about Sauk opportunities and to prepare students for college. Due to budget constraints, the positions were consolidated into one full-time position, Coordinator of High School Relations, whose duties are designed to accomplish the following objectives:

Figure 5vi: Enrollment in Programs for High School Students
Dual enrollment 1,098 1,351 1,186 1,045 1,022
PCCS 507 446 400 284 700*
* Method of counting students was changed during FY11
Source: Information Services

Another vital collaborative area for Sauk is its partnerships with other higher education institutions that allow it to expand opportunities for study and degree attainment.

Figure 5vii: Cooperative Education Enrollment Data
Enrollments through cooperative agreements
District students going away 57 52 44 63 18*
Credits earned out of district 702 1,096 762.5 1,064.5 482*
Out-of-district students coming in 94 69 63 142 129
Credits earned at Sauk 1,178 1,114.5 820 1,321.5 711.5
Enrollments with chargeback
District students going away 13 11 13 14 7*
Credits earned out of district 264.5 238.5 226.5 343 112.5*
Chargeback expense $34,761 $38,445 $32,802 $58,613 $15,295*
Out-of-district students coming in 0 0 0 0 0
*As of March 2011
Source: Business Office