SVCC HLC Self-Study Document

Sauk Valley Community College
HLC Self-Study Document

September 19-21, 2011



  • Sauk’s building and grounds provide a unique venue for large-scale activities and conferences in the district. Supplying our facilities for district-wide activities like the annual job fair and child fair, which also engage volunteer efforts by Sauk employees, demonstrates a deep commitment to use the facilities in ways that benefit the community.
  • We recognize and honor diversity among our internal constituents, which may be seen in the work of the Support Services Department and various support programs. In addition, we provide leadership and opportunities for engagement with diversity in the surrounding area, primarily through our outreach activities and public performances.
  • Outreach initiatives are clearly responsive to our local needs and conditions. An example is our commitment to continue to provide adult literacy services when grant funding was withdrawn because of our awareness of its importance in and to the surrounding community.


  • Despite exemplary levels of personal volunteerism by employees, the self-study revealed some deterioration in Sauk’s institutional relationship and involvement within community organizations. The self-study committee recommends that key members of the college organization be required by their job descriptions to serve as liaisons of Sauk to the organizations identified as having strategic importance.
  • Formal links to communicate student evaluation data into the planning system do not appear to exist. The self-study committee recommends that the college develop such mechanisms when it revises the evaluation process.
  • Although Sauk offers an array of licensing and certification opportunities through its Personal and Professional Development programs, few continuing education options are available for the area’s practicing professionals. The self-study committee recommends that the college should do marketing analysis related to appropriate continuing education opportunities.

Opportunities for Growth

  • Partnerships between Sauk career-focused clubs and community professionals provide educational opportunities for students. However, the self-study found that few such clubs exist. The self-study committee recommends that the college provide resources to ensure their creation and continuance in order to increase student access to these community connections.
  • Sauk’s facilities provide unique conference space in the district for events and are used by community groups for a variety of events. However, organizers sometimes have to coordinate with several separate college offices. The self-study committee recommends that the college consider coordinating conferences through a single-point contact.
  • Because Sauk values community service, the self-study committee recommends that the evaluation forms for administrators and staff should include a related question.
  • Although Sauk engages in appropriate environmental scanning of data, the self-study committee recommends the college develop additional surveying methods and tools that provide community assessment of services.