SVCC HLC Self-Study Document

Sauk Valley Community College
HLC Self-Study Document

September 19-21, 2011

Glossary of Terms

A.L.A.S. Association of Latino-American Students, a student organization (Alas in Spanish means wings).
AUP Acceptable Use Policy, regulates the use of Sauk’s technology
ESL English as a Second Language, referring to classes and services offered to non-native speakers
FAST Faculty and Staff Tools, a password-protected portion of the college webpage restricted to employees, which provides access to internal documents
Funding bonds A financing vehicle that allows a taxing body to issue bonds to cover capital expenses and levy taxes to repay the bonds in accordance with Illinois statutes
FUSE Families United for a Strong Education, a grant-funded initiative that provides Hispanic families with family-oriented educational activities
GECC General Education Core Curriculum, IAI term for the required set of general education courses expected of degree seekers
IAI Illinois Articulation Agreement, a statewide transfer agreement among 109 private and public colleges and universities (courtesy link to external web source)
IBHE Illinois Board of Higher Education, the Illinois government agency that regulates and coordinates all higher education in the state (courtesy link to external web source)
ICCB Illinois Community College Board, the Illinois agency that regulates community colleges, and coordinates with the IBHE (courtesy link to external web source)
ILCCO Illinois Community Colleges Online, a consortium to share resources for online and technology-enhanced education. (courtesy link to external web source)


Key Performance Indicators, the primary benchmarks against which the strategic plan will be measured.
LAC Learning Assistance Center, Sauk’s tutoring center
LRC Learning Resource Center, also locally referred to as the library
NIOIN Northern Illinois Online Initiative for Nursing, an online nursing degree partnership
OPIC Organizational Planning and Improvement Committee, Sauk’s strategic planning committee
PC President's Cabinet, consisting of "direct reports," meets weekly and responds to day-to-day issues that affect the college. This was known for several years as the President's Council, but this was often confused with the Administrative Council, a monthly meeting of the whole administrative team.
PCCS Partnership for College and Career Success, the Illinois counterpart to the federal Tech Prep program (courtesy link to external web source)
RAMP Resource Allocation and Management Plan, Illinois’s process for the college to request funding for capital improvement projects
SGA Student Government Association
SSS Student Support Services, a federally funded Trio grant serving at-risk students
SVCAT Sauk Valley Crisis Assistance Team, a Sauk initiative to address concerns about the personal well-being of students and respond to perceived student threats
Units Instructional units are commonly referred to as academic areas to designate the planning and assessment organizational breakout groups that are coordinated by Area Facilitators. The terms discipline or area (applied to transfer degrees) and program (applied to career degrees and certificates) refer to groupings of curriculum. Non-instructional units are referred to as offices and in cases where multiple offices are combined, departments.
Work Force Councils Advisory councils of employer representatives who offer input pertaining to Sauk’s career program