SVCC HLC Self-Study Document

Sauk Valley Community College
HLC Self-Study Document

September 19-21, 2011

President's Message

June 30, 2011


To the Community, SVCC Students, College Employees, Board of Trustees, and HLC Peer Evaluators:

In September 2011, Sauk Valley Community College will host an evaluation team from the Higher Learning Commission.

Photo of Dr. George J. Mihel, President of Sauk Valley Community CollegeIt has been 10 years since our last comprehensive visit. At the last visit there were concerns about institutional planning and assessment. These concerns were serious enough to require a focused visit in 2006. We successfully completed our focused visit through the combined effort of the vast majority of our staff. We have continued to improve and refine our assessment and planning process. We have evolved from doing almost no planning to a model for the planning process. Our results have been so dramatic that we have presented our strategic planning processes at a state and two national conferences.

Ever since that last visit in 2006, we have engaged in continued self-improvement. We have collected data, modified procedures, altered job descriptions to not only be the best organization we can, but also to adapt to the changing economic conditions.

As we prepared for this next comprehensive visit, we have extended the opportunity for everyone to be involved in the process and have continually provided updates and asked for feedback. I am extremely pleased with the involvement and professionalism of the entire college community.

We have learned a great deal about ourselves; from the very start, there has been a commitment to deal objectively with the facts and bring about necessary changes. We are doing well weathering a time of financial uncertainty and preparing the college for the future.


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Dr. George J. Mihel