SVCC HLC Self-Study Document

Sauk Valley Community College
HLC Self-Study Document

September 19-21, 2011

2002 Advancement Section

The 2002 visiting team did Sauk the courtesy of providing advisement on several topics. Here is a brief summary of how the college has responded to various suggestions:

Topical Area: Recruitment of adult learners:

“. . .The Team was asked by college officials to provide suggestions and recommendations regarding the recruitment and retention of adult learners, particularly in the areas of ABE, GED, ESL, senior programs, and general interest topics” (p 3). The college considered each suggestion and took action where the suggestion was feasible (Link to another section of Self-Study 5B.2):

Topical Area: Private Funding:

“SVCC is probably limited in what additional private funding initiatives it can undertake with the current level of staffing and institutional priorities. However, some immediate opportunities exist” (p. 5). 

See link to an another section of the report5A.1 for a discussion of ways that Sauk extends its capacity for service.

Topical Area: Student Housing:

“The Team recommends that the college administration consider placement of the facility on the college campus proper (perhaps immediately east of the main college building) so as to encourage student interest in the facility. While not a major factor, students do look for convenience factors in their consideration of housing options, particularly in the winter months . . .” (p. 6).

For student housing to be constructed as suggested, the college would have had to sell the land to the Sauk Valley College Foundation and would have lost control of grounds that could be used for future expansion.  The student housing was instead constructed just east of the campus on private land that had been donated to the Foundation specifically for that purpose.  Given that the project has not been financially viable, Sauk's decision not to part with any acreage was sound (link to another section of the report2B.4). 

Topical Area: Leadership and Communications:

The team found “a degree of [leadership] disharmony . . . to be problematic in terms of communications, production, and the orderly flow of college activities . . . Additionally, faculty and students also cited communication challenges during the Team’s visit to the college” (pp. 6-7).

Topical Area: Mission & Accreditation: