SVCC HLC Self-Study Document

Sauk Valley Community College
HLC Self-Study Document

September 19-21, 2011

2002 Criterion 3

Evidence that requires institutional attention and Commission follow-up:

In a review of the documents, and in interviews with the faculty and administration, there exists no clearly defined philosophy statement regarding general education requirements as agreed upon by the faculty, no identification and articulation of expected competencies to be attained by students within each area, no method of assessment and measurement of those areas of importance, generally no stated career program outcomes, and no current process for including the results in instructional improvement and the annual budgeting of the institution. Faculty generally does not demonstrate a shared understanding of the potential or goals of academic assessment and they demonstrate only minimal buy-in to the overall program. Necessary professional development funds are not allocated to support consultants and travel of employees required to develop an understanding of an effective program of student academic assessment (p. 10). The recommendation of the Team: Focused visit

By time the Focused Visit Team arrived in 2006, Sauk had been transformed: An “effective program of student academic assessment” was in place and driven by the faculty. A general education philosophy statement, competencies, and program outcomes were in place and being assessed. Data from a variety of sources were being collected, discussed, and acted on. Results were documented. Assessment data fed into the strategic planning system to effect curricular change and inform the budget process. Regular self-assessment of the system enabled it to change and improve. The 2006 Focused Visit Report describes the transformation process in detail. The continued growth and improvement of the system since that report is evaluated in the current self-study (Link to another report location 3A).