SVCC HLC Self-Study Document

Sauk Valley Community College
HLC Self-Study Document

September 19-21, 2011

HLC Self-Study Committees

Every employee was invited to participate on a self-study committee. The resulting group included 55 members, six of whom had participated in the 2001 self-study committee; 33 who were present for the 2006 Focused Visit; and 22 who had joined the college community following the focused visit. (Of those, five had experience with accreditation at a prior institution.) As of June 30, 2010, the 55 self-study leaders below represented a total of 583 years of experience at Sauk Valley Community College, an average of 10.6 years per member.

Figure viii: HLC Committee Participation
+Dr. George Mihel President College President
+Tom Gospodarczyk* Dean of Institutional Research and Planning Self-Study Coordinator
+Shirley Walker* Admin Asst, Inst Research and Planning Coordinator Assistant
Deb Dillow* Admin Asst, President and Board of Trustees Resource Room Coordinator
+Jane Hamilton Assistant Professor of Reading and English Report Writer
Eric Epps Technical Support Specialist – Web Digital Format Designer
SSSS (Secret Society of the Self-Study
Chris Byar Admin Asst, Athletic Director Support
Carrie Conderman Assistant Professor of Mathematics Faculty
Linda Dhaese Coordinator, LRC Technical Services Professional/Technical
Chris Shelley Director of Instructional Technology Administrator
Lisa Anderson Venner Adjunct Faculty  - Geology

Adjunct Faculty

Therese Wood Natural Science Lab Asst


Sophia Aponte


Criterion 1: Mission & Integrity
+Dr. Don Pearl Academic Vice President Co-Chair – Administrator
+Alan Pfeifer* Dean of Information Services Co-Chair – Administrator
Pam Cunningham Assistant Professor of Nursing Faculty
Terry Lyn Funston Associate Professor of Psychology Faculty
Judy Happ Admin Asst, Academic Vice President Support Staff
Janet Matheney Coordinator of Counseling, Assistant Professor Counselor
Jennifer Patterson Learning Resource Assistant II Support Staff
Carmel Paulsen Admin Asst, Director of Bldg and Grounds Support Staff
Ana Salgado Cross-Cultural Coordinator Professional/Technical Staff
Criterion 2: Preparing for the Future
+Tom Gospodarczyk* Dean of Institutional Research and Planning Co-Chair – Administrator
+John Ditto Director of Building and Grounds Co-Chair – Administrator
Cathy Dorathy Coordinator of High School Relations Professional/Technical Staff
Jane Grove Admin Asst., Admissions and Records Support Staff
Dave Habben Coordinator of Network Services and Computing Professional/Technical Staff
Mary Ann Hurd Asst Professor of Office and Administrative Services Faculty
Janet Lynch* Dean of Health Services Administrator
Paula Meyer Dean of Business Services Administrator
Carl Paxton Asst Director Buildings and Grounds Professional/Technical Staff
Brad Smith Associate Professor of Biology (Area Facilitator) Faculty
Criterion 3: Student Learning & Effective Teaching
+Mary Heitmann Assistant Professor of Nursing (Area Facilitator) Co-Chair – Faculty
+Chris Shelley* Director of Instructional Technology Co-Chair – Administrator
Diana Brevitt Associate Professor of Radiologic Technology Faculty
Ed Carli Adjunct Faculty - Education
Adjunct Faculty
Heather Dowd Instructional Technology Designer Professional/Technical Staff
Penny Duncan Asst. Professor of Nursing Faculty
Dave Edelbach Professor of Chemistry Faculty
Jessica Edwards Student Needs Coordinator Professional/Technical Staff
Lisa Peck Human Resources Assistant Support Staff
Jane Verbout Learning Assistance Center Coordinator Professional/Technical Staff
Criterion 4: Acquisition, Discovery & Application of Knowledge
+Richard Eichman Professor of English and History Co-Chair – Faculty
+Steve Nunez Professor of Biology Co-Chair – Faculty
Charles Atchley Professor of Physics/Mathematics Faculty
Amanda Eichman Associate Professor of English/Education Faculty
Eric Epps Technical Support Specialist - Web Professional/Technical Staff
Eric Forman Adjunct Faculty - Biology Adjunct Faculty
Chris Gehlbach* Assistant Professor of Nursing Faculty
Eva Harvey Adjunct Faculty - English Adjunct Faculty
Jon Mandrell [Assistant] Professor of Criminal Justice Faculty
Jeanine Tufty Assistant Professor of Nursing Faculty
Criterion 5: Engagement & Service
+Amy Viering Director of Foundation and Grants Co-Chair – Administrator
+Jeanne DePuy Coordinator of Personal Development Co-Chair – Professional/Technical
Dave Boehme Maintenance Mechanic, Mechanical Support Staff
Tom Breed* Assistant Professor of Counseling Counselor/Faculty
Kathy Dirks Instructional Technology Assistant Professional/Technical Staff
Sabrina Earl Program Director of ABC Americorps Program Professional/Technical Staff
Heather Gieseke Admin Asst., Foundation and Grants Support Staff
Luis Moreno Dean of Student Services Administrator
Brian Olmsted Coordinator of Public Relations Professional/Technical Staff
Deana Seeley Assistant Professor of Nursing Faculty
Scott Seeley* Security Lead Professional/Technical Staff
Therese Wood Natural Science Laboratory Assistant Professional/Technical Staff
* 20+ years as a Sauk employee.
+ Member of the Self-Study Steering Committee (boldface type)
Note: Italicized names are no longer associated with the college on the visit date of September 19, 2011.