Opportunities for Growth

While justifiably proud of the progress made in transforming the College from what it was in 2002 to what it is during the year of this focused visit, those involved in the process don't believe that the College has yet arrived at the end of its journey toward becoming a learning college. Most will acknowledge that significant challenges lie ahead:

  • A time lies ahead when key leaders in developing the system (administrators, faculty Core Team members, or area facilitators) and in sustaining it in its early stages will leave the organization. At that point, a shared vision must have been achieved for the future of the learning college to continue. Solution: Keep the accountabilities and processes in place while working toward an organizational culture in which the learning college philosophy is as vital a part of the institution as the students themselves.
  • Much of the recent investment of resources in developing the learning college has been remedial spending to repair the deficits identified by the HLC visit. The College recognizes that it must continue to support an effective strategic planning and assessment system at a sustainable expenditure level. Solution: Achieve a maintainable status as quickly as possible so that the learning college and the systems in place are not ever targeted as an expendable line item.
  • A shared vision of Sauk as a learning college needs to transcend written policies and witty videos. Solution: Continued professional development on the learning college concept, both for the faculty and staff as a whole and for individuals, will remain necessary for the foreseeable future.
  • The system will need be flexible enough to respond over time to changing needs. Solution: Continue to explore what it means to pursue improvement projects and what alternatives exist for the College to better itself and the processes by which it improves.

As this report is prepared, the result of the most recent faculty survey provides evidence for the growing acceptance of the learning college concept within which the assessment and strategic planning systems are embedded. Reference
On a continuum of 1-7, with 1 representing, I do not see the necessity for the Learning College framework and 7 representing, I accept the embedding of assessment within the Learning College framework,” the average score was a 6.5, a resounding affirmation that organizational change is well underway at Sauk Valley Community College.