Opportunities for Growth

The system is new to SVCC and has not yet proven its efficacy or impact on institutional effectiveness. We need to measure its effectiveness and communicate that information to all staff.

Throughout the year, committees are involved with a myriad of projects. While it is important to keep all employees informed of committee projects and progress, we are still seeking the most effective means for doing so. Staff surveys indicate that there is no common, preferred method for receiving these updates. The College will need to determine how best to communicate general information to all employees in an easy but effective method.

The College tracks internal and external trends, collects and analyzes data, and uses it for reports to external agencies and for internal plans. Rarely does that information get disseminated among the general College staff. Individuals and committees at times duplicate efforts because they are not aware of others work or of how to find out if such work has been done. A challenge to the College is how to make staff aware of available information and how to access it, and to encourage staff to actually use it.