Progress: Concerns

  • Implementing the committee structure and the comprehensive planning cycle has taken a great deal of time and energy from staff throughout the College.  While the structure was designed to be self-sustaining and should result in a reduction in the time and effort required to maintain the system, there remains some concern among employees that the investment of time will continue.  Solution:  Devote sufficient attention to maintaining the planning cycle.
  • Some of the faculty members serving on OPIC continue to feel uncomfortable with making decisions that have funding implications.  It is thought that their hesitancy will diminish as they receive sound information and learn to establish priorities for making decisions.  Solution:   Continue to gain experience in operating the OPIC system.
  • Will this system work over the long term?  Currently the system is too new to measure its impact on institutional effectiveness, and as a result, there still exist pockets of skepticism that the system will require large investments of staff time and energy and produce few results.  Solution:  Continually make changes that strengthen the system and communicate accomplishments.