The Strategic Planning Committee

The Organizational Planning and Improvement Committee's (OPIC) primary responsibilities are to lead the College's strategic planning process and to evaluate the process's effectiveness of that process. Its 26 members include the faculty area facilitators, administrators, support staff, student representatives, and representatives from several of the standing and special focus committees. OPIC's role is coordinated with that of the Board of Trustees. While the Board establishes the vision and strategic goals, OPIC establishes the strategic objectives, determines priorities based on the strategic goals, and prepares budgetary recommendations to the administration and the Board of Trustees.

HLC Expectation

OPIC links the pieces of the planning system. OPIC receives informative reports from various committees along with their respective recommendations that impact budgeting. OPIC considers their priority as related to the College's mission and goals and then makes its funding recommendations to administration, and ultimately to the Board of Trustees. OPIC's responsibilities are as follows (The complete committee charge is provided in Appendix E)

  • Assess and set priorities for institutional improvements to be utilized for budget planning
  • Review program review recommendations
  • Review and evaluate progress on overall institutional performance indicators
  • Review and evaluate yearly progress reports on assessment improvements
  • Review institutional strategic goals