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Sauk’s Men in Nursing Day to Feature ‘Sim Man’

February 2009
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This year, Sauk Valley Community College’s Men in Nursing Day will give participants the opportunity to work with one of the newest, most advanced, and interactive training aids in nursing education today.

Sauk’s Men in Nursing Day, which will be held from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Friday, February 6, 2009 at Sauk, provides more than 20 area male high school students with a hands-on introduction to the nursing field. New this year will be a special breakout session in which student will be able to work with “Sim Man.”

Sim Man is an advanced interactive, anatomically-realistic manikin developed by Laerdal. It gives students immediate feedback on their interventions, and is completely wireless and self-contained. The interactive technologies allow learners to practice emergency treatment of patients as well as provide realistic patient care scenarios for students.

Sim Man has breathing features that simulate normal and abnormal breath sounds, oxygen saturation, and a variety of breathing complications. Also, it has different cardiac features that range from defibrillation and cardioversion to pulse strength in the arteries. Other features include IV access and an automatic drug recognition system. Sim Man also can also simulate and monitor CPR correctly through realistic compression depth and resistance, detection of depth, releases and frequency of compression, real-time feedback on CPR quality, pupillary accommodation, and normal and sluggish response speed.

Sim Man can also produce simulated urine output (variable), diaphoresis, bowel sounds, patient voice, convulsions, bleeding and wounds, and vascular access.

Men in Nursing Day will feature other breakout sessions, a panel discussion with male nurses who work in the field, a campus tour, and an academic planning session.

Other sessions will include:

  • Surgical Instruments/simulation –Orthopedic surgery techniques will be simulated. X-rays will be used for fracture identification, and then students will scope a knee.
  • IV Simulator/ECG Simulator – The instructor will demonstrate the IV simulator and then students will perform the skill on the simulator and mannequin arms as time permits.
  • Cadaver/Biology Experiments – Glenn, the College’s cadaver, will be viewed and discussed from head to toe. Students will learn which muscles are being used such as when weight lifting. Pig cadavers will be compared with the human cadaver, a full skeleton and other models on display, and microscopes with various tissue samples will be available for viewing and discussion.
  • Disaster/Triage Exercise - Students will be exposed to key principles used in disaster preparedness/triage. A mock disaster will be staged with students providing triage and basic first aid interventions such as airway management and bandage application.
  • Accident Scenes – Students will see photos from actual motor vehicle accident scenes. Patient injuries and nursing interventions will be discussed. The OSF Life Line helicopter will be on campus if weather and scheduling permits.
  • Janet Lynch, Sauk’s dean of health professions, said that 95 percent of the students who attended last year’s event said they had the information necessary to make an informed decision on becoming a nurse.

While many see women as exclusive to nursing, men have played an important role in organized nursing since 330 AD in the Byzantine Empire where nursing emerged as a primarily male occupation. In 1888, the country’s first male nursing school was founded in New York City.

Lynch emphasized that space for the event is limited. Interested students should contact their high school counselor.

Sauk's Office of Health Careers and the College’s Tech Prep program have coordinated this successful event with KSB Hospital, CGH Medical Center, and the Whiteside Area Career Center (WACC). Each year, male students from 14 area high schools and the WACC are invited to attend.

Sauk’s health programs include: Associate Degree Nursing (ADN), Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN), Paramedic, EMT Basic (EMT-B), EMT Intermediate (EMT-I), Radiologic Technology, and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).