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SVCC to Partner with U of I to offer Agricultural Degree Starting Fall '09

May 2009
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  • Agriculture Economics (AGR 102) – Introduces the principles of economics including production principles; production costs; supply and revenue; profit maximization; consumption and demand; price elasticity; market price determination; and competitive versus noncompetitive market models.
  • Soil Science (AGR 109- Provides the fundamental principles of the nature and properties of soils including origin, formation, biological, chemical and physical aspects, soil dynamics, texture, structure, and soil reactions.
  • Animal Science (AGR 116) - Applies genetics, physiology and nutrition to the improvement of the animal industries. It introduces management and production practices. Animal breeds, breeding and selection, products and marketing; production technology and economics, animal behavior; and current issues in animal science will also be covered.
  • Plant Science (AGR 201) - Covers plant growth principles including human and environmental influences and theoretical and practical application of agronomic principles to crop production.

  • Financial Accounting (ACC 101);
  • Composition 1 (ENG 101) and Composition II (ENG 103);
  • Oral Communication (SPE 131);
  • Elementary Statistics (MAT 240) or Business Statistics (BUS 214);
  • Principles of Economics (ECO 211);
  • Managerial Accounting (ACC 102);
  • Problems of Economics (ECO 212);
  • Orientation (PSY 100); and
  • Calculus and Analytical Geometry (MAT 203) or Calculus for Business/Social Sciences (MAT 221).

  • General Chemistry (CHE 105);
  • General Chemistry II (CHE 106);
  • Calculus and Analytical Geometry (MAT 203) or Calculus for Business/Social Sciences (MAT 221);
  • Elementary Statistics (MAT 240);
  • Oral Communication (SPE 131);
  • Composition I (ENG 101) and Composition II (ENG 103); and
  • Orientation (PSY 100).