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Sauk Grad Receives Prestigious SIU Theater Award

June 2009

Anna Wilcoxen, a Sauk Valley Community College graduate, was recently awarded Southern Illinois University’s Tekla Story Award. This is the highest honor an undergraduate can obtain through the Southern Illinois University’s Performance Studies program.

Anna Wilcoxen - SIU Award for Web 09The Tekla Story Award signifies the one student that has demonstrated the most outstanding scholarship and performance work throughout the academic year. Wilcoxen received the award after the final performance hour for the year in SIU’s Kleinau Theatre. Dr. Elyse Pineau, professor of performance studies at SIU, presented Wilcoxen with the award and noted the quality tradition of performance work that has carried over from Sauk Valley Community College.

“Anna Wilcoxen, you represent the best of us," Dr. Pineau told the audience.

Wilcoxen (pictured at left at SIU), of Walnut, graduated from Sauk in 2007 with an Associate in Arts with an emphasis in theater. She was one of Sauk’s theater department’s top theatre students with major roles in The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Cabaret, Boneschnitzel: The Musical, and 30 Plays in 60 Minutes.

Jason Hedrick, Sauk’s director of theater, is himself a 1997 recipient of the Tekla Story Award. He said he was thrilled to see another former Sauk student recognized.

“It is an outstanding moment for not only me, but for our theater program and College to see a successful former student such as Anna receive this prestigious award 12 years later,” said Hedrick.