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Two Aviation Ground School Courses to be offered at Whiteside Co. Airport

January 2010

Sauk Valley Community College will offer two aviation courses, Private Pilot Ground Training and Instrument Pilot, through M & M Aviation Services, Ltd. at the Whiteside County Airport.

Instrument Pilot (AVA 201), a 16-week, three-credit-hour class, will meet from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Mondays beginning January 11. This course prepares students for the FAA written exam for an Instrument Rating (airplane category). Students who take this course must have passed the FAA written examination for private pilot.

Students will acquire the knowledge to become proficient in instrument scan techniques, instrument flight training maneuvers, radio navigation aids, radar, distance measuring equipment (DME) and a variety of radio navigation aids. Students will also learn holding patterns and procedures, FAA regulations pertaining to the instrument pilot, instrument approaches and departures, visual maneuvering, clouds, weather and more.

The instructor will be Michael A. Dowell, adjunct faculty aviation. Dowell, a Certified Flight Instructor -Instrument (CFII), has logged more than 8,000 hours in the air and more than 4,500 hours as an instructor-pilot. He also manages the Whiteside County Airport, in Rock Falls, and is owner of M & M Aviation Services, Ltd.

The second course, Private Pilot Ground Training (AVA 101), is a 14-week, two-credit-hour class that will meet from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. on Wednesdays beginning January 27. This class prepares flight students to pass the FAA written exam, which is required for anyone to qualify for a private pilot or recreational pilot's license. Topics include pilot safety, weather (as it relates to the pilot), aerodynamics of flight, aircraft mechanics/operations necessary for safe flight, aeromedical factors, FAA regulations, visual and radio navigation, flight computer and flight procedures at various types of airports.

The instructor will be Darrin Heffelfinger, adjunct faculty aviation and commercial-rated pilot.

Registration for either course can be made at Sauk's Office of Admissions and Records, Room 1J1, or on the first night of class. For more information about either course, call 815-622-3591.

Through an agreement with Sauk, M & M Aviation provides all aviation-based education for Sauk, which ensures that all of Sauk's aviation courses are taught by qualified instructors that exceed FAA mandates and follow the same standards set by Sauk and M & M Aviation.