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Six Sauk Honors Students Receive Foundation Awards

June 2010

Six Sauk Valley Community College Honors Program students were recently recognized for their outstanding academic achievement. The recipients include Brian Stafford, Oregon; Karissa Glazier, Sterling; Lauren Walter, Dixon; Chitra Patel, Morrison; Kweku Bentum, Sterling; and Lailonie McKinney, Rock Falls.

Honors Program Co-directors Valarie Wittman and Steve Shaff presented the awards, which were made possible byHonors Program Group Photo the Sauk Valley College Foundation.
Brian Stafford (fourth from left in photo), a physics major, received a $750 award. His current projects include a chemistry experiment titled “Manipulation of Complex Ions of Cobalt in Solution,” which addresses the creation and analysis of complex coordinate ions of cobalt, and a physics essay regarding the properties and applications of gyroscopes. His past projects included an essay on the religious beliefs of prominent physicists in history, a chemistry experiment on the use of certain vegetables in ethanol production, and a physics experiment involving a certain trick shot in the game of billiards.   

Karissa Glazier
(fifth from left in photo), an art major, received a $750 award. Her current project is a piece that addresses basic elements of line and form by adding color and shading to enhance an object’s image. Her past projects included an interpretation of Andy Warhol’s mass production theme, and a paper titled “A Sign of the Times,” which addressed the use of text from a visual standpoint and the work of various contemporary artists engaged in the current political and economic climate.

Lauren Walter (second from left in photo), major undecided, received a $500 award. Her current project involves the writing of lecture notes and the completion of a critical essay on the work of author Alice Walker. Walter’s past projects include an essay exploring the relationship between pieces of art and poetry by William Blake, and the enhancement of a writing course website designed to assist students with issues concerning citation, organization, and the use of reliable sources.

Chitra Patel (far left in photo), an engineering major, received a $500 award. Her current project involves the analysis of sound waves and frequencies as they pertain to consumer products that cancel out noise. Her past projects involved the design and creation of a pendulum based on the principles of electromagnetism, and an analysis of the design flaw and planning process that lead to the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.
Kweku Bentum (third from left in photo), a pre-medicine major, received a $500 award. His current project involves the use of calculus in comparing the oxygen consumption of two different bird embryos from the time the egg is laid through the time the chick hatches. His past projects included chemistry experiments on multi-step synthesis of benzocaine and the synthesis of cobalt coordinate complexes.
Lailonie McKinney (far right in photo), a psychology major, received a $400 award. Her current project addresses the problem of addiction to prescription medications and methods of prevention. Her past projects included an overview of the physical and psychological effects of sexual assault, a research paper on societal perceptions of gender and sexual orientation, and the creation of a campus support group concerning women’s empowerment issues.

SVCC’s Honors Program provides unique educational opportunities for successful students. Once admitted to the program, students may pursue special intellectual interests and courses on an honors basis that extends beyond normal course demands. Students that complete projects then have the opportunity to apply for Foundation Scholarship Awards during the spring semester. For more information, call Valarie Wittman, professor of computer information systems and Honors Program co-director, at 815/288-5511, ext. 388; or Steve Shaff, professor of mathematics and Honors Program co-director, at ext. 238.

The Sauk Valley College Foundation provides funding for the Honors Program Awards. Through its many services, the Foundation broadens Sauk’s range of educational opportunities and services for students. For more information on the Foundation, call 815/288-5511, ext. 345.