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New Policy for Tuition, Fee Payment Begins

June 2010
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Sauk Valley Community College's new Payment Due registration process now requires all students to either pay for classes in full or have a payment plan in place at the time of registration in order to hold their classes. Students may:

  • Pay for classes in full at the time of registration by cash, check, or credit card;
  • Set up payments using Sauk’s deferred payment plan;
  • Have financial aid already processed with eligibility verification (showing proof of verification of tuition waiver award, scholarship, etc.); or
  • Provide documentation of a third-party billing (unemployment, veteran, etc.).

Students that pay at the time of registration will meet with a counselor/advisor, get registration approval, and register at the admissions office or online. Students that have not or cannot make payment arrangements will be directed to the appropriate office or agency to discuss eligibility.

Students receiving financial aid will need to show verification that their FAFSA is processed and they are eligible for financial aid. Any student that does not know his or her status or does not have documentation with them when registering must go to the financial aid office before registering. For displaced workers, Sauk’s Dislocated Workers Office will notify Sauk’s admissions office of students that quality for BEST or PFE programs and will receive funding.

Also, students must complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA as soon as possible.

815/288-5511, ext. 339