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Students Must Have Payment Plan in Place for Fall Classes by July 5

July 2010
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All students that have registered for fall classes at Sauk Valley Community College must have payment arrangements in place by Monday, July 5, in order to hold their seats for those fall classes.

Students may pay in full by check or credit card, complete a deferred payment plan application (done online via SOAR), or have financial aid eligibility verified through Sauk’s Office of Financial Assistance. Students may also have payment arrangements verified through another source such as veterans’ affairs, dislocated workers, or a tuition waiver.

Students must be aware that if payment arrangements are not in place by Monday, July 5, they will be dropped for nonpayment and will have to re-register for classes. And, once the drop has taken place, there is no guarantee that a student will be able to re-register for the same section or class.

Students that register anytime after Monday, July 5, must have a payment plan in place by Monday, August 2.

This policy opens seats in classes that are held by students that may end up not paying for or attending classes. Also, this policy keeps seats open for serious students, helps SVCC’s retention rate, and allows for a true count of student registration.

Those with questions regarding financial aid or third party billing should call Sauk’s Office of Financial Assistance at 815/288-5511, ext. 339.