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New Tobacco Use Policy Now in Effect

September 2010
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A new smoking policy takes effect at Sauk Valley Community College beginning August 1.

The new policy, approved by the SVCC Board of Trustees at its May 25th meeting, prohibits students and employees from smoking anywhere on campus except parking lots that are at least 15 feet away from the building, and personal vehicles. An alternative location on campus is being considered.

The new policy, SVCC Board Policy 514.02 Smoking Policy, states:
“Smoking is prohibited everywhere on campus, buildings and grounds, with the exception of parking lots more than 15 feet from any doors, windows, or air intakes. Smoking is also prohibited in all college-owned vehicles at all times.”

The new policy comes from efforts of representatives of the SVCC Student Government Association (SGA) back in March. SGA members asked the SVCC Board to consider a stricter non-smoking policy for the health and well-being of Sauk’s student body and employees. The Board directed College administration to draft a policy. A first reading wasbrought to the Board in April, which was discussed and sent back to the administration for revisions, After the revisions, the policy was brought back to the Board in May where is was approved.

SVCC President Dr. George Mihel said that the Sauk policy coincides with state mandates that prohibit smoking in public places. He added that SGA members surveyed students and found very little opposition to changing the policy.

“This policy comes at a natural time as we have seen the State of Illinois ban smoking from other public places as well,” said Dr. Mihel. “Our new policy still allows those who smoke to be able to so in parking lots that are further from 15 feet away from any campus building.”

The new policy replaces SVCC Board Policy 624.01 Illicit Use of Drugs, Abuse of Alcohol by Students and Prohibition of Tobacco. College policy concerning drug and alcohol use is outlined in a separate board policy.