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Theater Dept. to Present ‘Art House Horror’ Film Double Feature

March 2011

Sauk Valley Community College’s Theater Department will offer an Art House Horror Double Feature on Tuesday, March 1, in the Mathis Theatre.  Showings will be at 6 and at 8:30 p.m.

Given the popularity of the vampire genre, this upcoming screening will feature two challenging and intense foreign vampire films, Thirst, from South Korea, directed by Chan-wook Park, and Let the Right One In from Sweden, directed by Thomas Alfredson.  Both films are rated R.

Park also directed the very popular film Oldboy. Let the Right One In is the original adaptation of a Swedish novel that was recently adapted for American audiences as Let Me In with Elias Koteas and Richard Jenkins.

 “This double bill is only for the most adventurous movie goers,” explained Jason Hedrick, Sauk’s director of theater. “This is definitely not Twilight, which is the whole point.”

Hedrick explained that this upcoming screening is a continuation of “Art House Horror," a series begun last year by Sauk’s theater department.  The Mathis Theatre often runs special screening nights that promotes film culture at Sauk and in the area. Most screenings are free and supplement study done in the course Film Appreciation. Hedrick said that past screenings have run the gamut from documentaries to Shakespeare on film, from mainstream to independent.  

There is no admission charge for this screening; however, a $2 donation is asked. All proceeds will go to Sauk’s theater department. For more information, call Jason Hedrick at 815/288-5511, ext. 366, or e-mail: