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Bookstore Starts Buybacks and Rental Returns December 12

December 2011

Make sure you get to the bookstore before December 16 to sell back your books or return rentals.


 Starting December 12, students can bring their books they would like to sell back and verification of student ID number (a copy of a schedule or library card with the ID number will work) to the SVCC bookstore. The bookstore will buyback books that will be used again in the following semesters. There will be books that cannot be bought back because of limits and other publishing regulations.


Students that rented books for this semester need to return these books no later than December 16. Any rental book returned after this date may cause a student to pay full price for the rented book plus a service fee. Students must remember not to return rentals as buyback books but check them in with bookstore staff as a rental return or late fees may still be charged.