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C.L. Lindsay Presents the Law in a Different Light January 18

Author, Attorney, and Student Advocate C.L. Lindsay will give a free, hour-long presentation entitled “Online Plagiarism, Campus Computing and the Law” Wednesday, January 18 at 7 p.m. in Sauk Valley Community College’s Mathis Theater.

The program will cover two topics. Lindsay will start with a discussion on plagiarism and cheating in an academic setting. He will talk about the laws institutions hold as well as the rights of students. The second portion will inform the audience about social networking and their rights as users. He will give explanations on how the law operates, liabilities and how participants can protect themselves legally and personally online.

Lindsay received his J.D. from the University of Michigan and practiced in New York City until 1998 after he founded the Coalition for Student and Academic Rights. Every year Lindsay and his organization helps thousands of students with legal problems, free of charge. He is a nationally recognized expert in student rights and academic freedom and also an author of several books.

Lindsay travels the nation stressing the importance of knowing your rights as students and how families should know these rights as well in an entertaining presentation. Check out his presentation at

For more information on this free event, contact Ana Salgado, SVCC student activities coordinator, at 815-835-6432.