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Catch a Great Performance by Singer Matt Beilis

Matt Beilis sounds like nothing you've heard before. His style fuses soul and hip-hop grooves with the electricity of a rock band. One might call Matt an Elton John Legend or a Maroon Folds 5. 

Matt’s story is the pursuit of a dream at the expense of security and convention. After earning a degree at Columbia University, he embarked on a business career in his “real time” while doing what he loved in stolen moments—writing and performing music. All of Matt’s songs were about following your dream, instead of taking the path others expect of you. After way too long into what felt like someone else’s life, the irony struck him: he wasn’t practicing what he preached.

Without looking back, and with bills to pay, Matt leaped headlong into music. With zero help from the music industry establishment, Matt knew he had to build his dream from the ground up—or from just below it. He hauled his keyboard down into the NYC subway, where people took notice, if only in passing. He knew he needed to reach a broader audience, so he took to YouTube. Before he knew it, his fan base was growing itself; people like Ashton Kutcher and Bruno Mars were Tweeting about his videos and driving an online buzz. Even one of the original members of Maroon 5 reached out to show his support. Matt knows this is just the beginning, and can’t help but wonder how life would have been in a suit and on someone else’s time.

His recently released debut album, CAN'T HELP BUT WONDER, showcases his soulful, raspy vocals and signature blend of R&B Rock that's catchy enough to top pop radio charts.

Don't miss his performance January 30 from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in the East Mall. Check him out at