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Have You Considered Your Future at SVCC?

DeAndre saw his future starting at Sauk. He did not realize at first that Sauk would be a place that “broadened his horizons.”

DeAndre decided to come to Sauk to play baseball but soon found that the College would offer him many more opportunities. Balancing a busy schedule with classes and practice, DeAndre found time to take on a job at SVCC in the fitness center as well.

He started to see that SVCC was “not a school for slackers” but a place that pushed him to be better. His instructors gave him challenges but were always there to help. He also  participated in many of the free activities at Sauk to build a social network and find that the College offered a friendly atmosphere that allowed him to experience new things.

DeAndre will soon graduate and transfer to University of Arizona to major in criminal justice. SVCC gave him that extra push and again “broadened his horizon” on what he can achieve.