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Four SVCC Honor Program Students Receive Scholarship Awards

Four Sauk Valley Community College Honors Program students were recognized on April 25 for their outstanding academic achievement.  The recipients include Joshua Halstead, Sterling; Abigail Davis, Chadwick; Angela Richmond, Nelson; and Jennifer Shedosky, Prophetstown.

Joshua Halstead, a computer science major, received a $500 award.  His  current projects include a Helium-Neon laser experiment which analyzes a diffraction pattern used to measure the thickness of a human hair and a discrete mathematics paper that addresses the role of number theory in modern methods of secure communications in the form of public-key cryptography.  His past projects include a physics experiment verifying the accuracy and precision of a digital thermometer, a computer analysis of anonymous authorship utilizing vector space principles of stylometry, a physics paper detailing the gravity defying behavior of gyroscopes, a computer program utilizing a recursive backtracking algorithm to solve the n-Queens puzzle (a constraint satisfaction problem pertaining to chess), and a chemistry experiment involving the synthesis of five different coordination compounds of cobalt.

Angela Richmond, major unspecified, received a $150 award.   Her past projects include a research paper on autism for completed during her English course, a research paper and speech on unexplained vertigo for completed for biology, and a chemistry experiment involving the analysis of a device that improves vehicle gas mileage by separating hydrogen from water.

Abigail Davis, an English major, received a $150 award.   Her current project is a research essay comparing general linguistics to romance linguistics.  Her previous project was a translation of a passage of Les Miserable from the original French into English.

Jennifer Shedosky, a nursing major received a $150 award.  Her current project is a biology paper detailing the role of cytokines in the immune system.   Her previous project was a paper addressing the treatment of multiple sclerosis and modification of immune response.

Co-directors of Sauk’s Honors Program, Valarie Wittman and Steve Shaff, presented the awards, which are made possible by the Sauk Valley College Foundation.

SVCC’s Honors Program provides unique educational opportunities for successful students.  Once admitted to the program, students may pursue special intellectual interests and courses on an honors basis that extends beyond normal course demands.  Students who complete projects then have the opportunity to apply for Foundation Scholarship Awards during the spring semester. 

For more information on SVCC’s Honors Program, call Valarie Wittman, professor of computer information systems, at 288-5511, ext. 388 or Steve Shaff, professor of mathematics, at 288-5511, ext. 238.