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SVCC Receives Official Approval for Ten Year Accreditation

At the Sauk Valley Community College Open House hosted on Thursday, April 12, Amy Viering, SVCC director of foundations and grants, made a special announcement to guests. Sauk Valley Community College received an official approval of ten year accreditation.

On September 19-21, the Higher Learning Commission team visited SVCC as part of the accreditation process. With their visit came the news that SVCC would be fully accredited for the next ten years with no future focus visits or reports during that time.

For the past two years SVCC has been working hard putting together an extensive self-study report and preparing for the HLC team visit. All of this hard work paid off as the HLC Chairman Dr. Gary Wayne Streit, vice president for academic affairs at Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, said “We [the team] commend you for producing one of the better self-studies we have seen as it was concise and actually fun to read.”

Streit also commended SVCC for a job well done having a self-study that makes sense as the team saw during their visit. Each criterion within the self-study matched what the team observed. The HLC team found great improvement in areas that needed focus reports and visits in the previous years. “The College has obvious integrity (financially and overall), extensive operational plans to follow, proper use of assessment plans, and excellent teamwork.” Streit also added after meeting with several community leaders that SVCC is an asset to the community and there would be negative effects on the community if the College disappeared.

By being accredited, SVCC credits are able to transfer to other institutions, financial aid is available for SVCC students, and employers consider degrees as more credible. To learn more about the self-study and what SVCC prepared for recommendation of accreditation, visit to view the accreditation page.