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Why Do You Need a College Degree? Ft. Speaker Ernesto Mejia

Join motivational speaker, Ernesto Mejia on October 3 from 12:30-1:30p.m. in room 1K4 as he talks about the importance of higher education and a college degree.

Just because someone is enrolled in college does not mean they understand the importance of college and how to succeed in a career after. Ernesto brings that idea forward as he talks about his life story. Ernesto started with a full ride to Eastern Michigan University. After three semesters of partying, he lost his financial aid and was dismissed from the university. He returned to school after paying back what he partied away and finally took it serious. He balanced a full-time job and class schedule. After getting on track he completed his degree, moved on to his master's and ended up as a Dean of Student Success.

His life story is one to keep college students motivated. Join in this free program October 3 and learn more about your college self than ever before. 

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