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Artist Tim Drane Action Painting Demonstration

When SVCC art student, Jessica Bonnell, chose to do her art history assignment on local artist Tim Drane, she went one step further and asked him to do a demonstration at Sauk Valley Community College. The community will now have the opportunity to see Drane’s action painting Thursday, November 29 from 3:30-5 p.m. in room 2K11 at the College.

Drane, an abstract painter, will use vivid colors and techniques to make art come to life in front of the audience. Once the painting is complete, it will be donated and displayed at SVCC.

Drane’s painting career began in 2011 after he took up painting “just to see if he could do it.” Once he started, he could not stop. He now has paintings displayed at the Crystal Cork and Next Picture Show in Dixon and has been a part of numerous art events in the Sauk Valley area. His inspiration comes from abstract painter Jackson Polluck.

This event is free to the public. For more information on the demonstration, contact Amy Dossett, adjunct art instructor, at