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A Million Reasons Why Reaches SVCC

Sauk Valley knows there are a million reasons why community colleges are the place to start higher education. That is why we have joined, like many other Illinois community colleges, the Illinois Community College Board’s A Million Reasons Why campaign this year.

There are nearly a million students per year educated through Illinois community colleges, millions of alumni who attended colleges and millions of reasons why employees, students and community members chose community colleges as a place to be educated and to work. ICCB has launched the campaign through social media as well as placed the campaign message at a large amount of events.

SVCC employees appeared in A Million Reasons Why t-shirts for a photo opportunity during in-service and to kick off the first day of the spring semester to continue the message that there are reasons why students are here.

You can check out more campaign information at

Fun Facts about Illinois Community Colleges:

  • 48 Colleges in 39 Districts across the state
  • 3rd largest community college system in America
  • 65% of undergraduates in Illinois attend one of our colleges (community colleges receive 12% of Illinois higher education funding)
  • 1,000,000 students per year are enrolled in our courses
  • Earning an associate degree from an Illinois community college adds $540,000 in lifetime earnings 
  • The average tuition & fees are only $3,100 a year at Illinois Community Colleges.
  • As major employers and business entities, Illinois community colleges generate billions of dollars in local sales and wages and more than 55,000 jobs. 
  •  Nine out of 10 Illinois community college graduates live, work, pay taxes, and raise their families in Illinois; two-thirds have stayed in the community college district where they received their training.
  • The "typical" Illinois community college student is female, white, 31 years old, enrolled part-time, and preparing for transfer to a 4-year institution.
  • 68% of all minorities in Illinois public higher education attend community colleges, and nearly 12,000 students with disabilities and 62,000 students with limited English proficiency are served each year.
  • Nearly 89 percent of the state's recent community college occupational graduates are either working or pursuing additional education.
  • Community colleges are taking on the huge task of "re-skilling" America's work force by helping literally millions of working adults develop higher levels of  basic and technical skills. Success in this unprecedented challenge is essential if America's workers are to earn good wages and if their employers are to compete in demanding world markets.
A Million Reasons Why