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Four SVCC Honors Students Receive Foundation Awards

Four Sauk Valley Community College Honors Program students were recognized April 24 for their outstanding academic achievement.  The recipients include Andrew Cessna, Sterling; Abigail Davis, Chadwick; Allison Byrd, Sterling; and Len Michaels, Sterling.

Andrew Cessna, a business major, received a $550 award.  His most recent projects include a detailed report of the role of credit rating agencies in the subprime mortgage crisis and the subsequent global financial crisis of 2008, a research based position paper addressing the topic of interrogational torture in a philosophical framework, a study of the evolution of intellectual property law as it pertains to patents and major problems that exist within the current system, a detailed analysis of speeches by Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King Jr and a study of how ethical models apply to business.  His other past projects include a study of supermarket marketing techniques and the underlying psychological factors and concepts, a detailed statistical report involving the organization, analysis, and interpretation of data regarding worker demographics and a comprehensive business plan created for a potential online media company which analyzed major aspects such as operations, marketing, industry competition and cash flow projections.

Abigail Davis, a liberal arts major, received a $150 award.   Her current project is a translation of a chapter of the book Til We Have Faces from English to French.  Her past projects include a translation of a passage of Les Miserables from French to English, a paper which compared and contrasted general linguistics and French linguistics, a theatre project based on Hamlet, and an analysis, in French, of a French poem.

Allison Byrd, a biochemistry major, received a $150 award.  Her current project is a calculus based paper on radiocarbon dating.  Her previous project was a paper detailing the solution of the Predator-Prey problem using the Lotka-Volterra equations. 

Len Michaels, a current scholar-at-large, received at $150 award.  His most recent projects include a persuasive research paper on the unified belief system theory of religion and an essay/lecture on romantic heroes of literature.  His past projects include teaching one week history units on Pre Civil War America and the Roman Republic and Empire.                                   

Valarie Wittman and Steve Shaff, co-directors of Sauk’s Honors Program, presented the awards, which are made possible by the Sauk Valley College Foundation.

SVCC’s Honors Program provides unique educational opportunities for successful students.  Once admitted to the program, students may pursue special intellectual interests and courses on an honors basis that extends beyond normal course demands.  Students who complete projects then have the opportunity to apply for Foundation Scholarship Awards during the spring semester. 

For more information on SVCC’s Honors Program, call Valarie Wittman, professor of computer information systems and Honors Program co-director, 815-835-6388 or Steve Shaff, professor of mathematics and Honors Program co-director, 815-835-6238.

The SVC Foundation provides funding for the Honors Program awards.  Through its many services, the Foundation broadens Sauk’s range of educational opportunities and services for students.  For more information on the Foundation, call 815-835-6219.