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Explore and Learn at College for Kids!

Sauk Valley Community College’s explores the possibilities with exciting programs offered by the Discovery Center Museum and the Burpee Museum of Natural History as part of Sauk’s College for Kids.

Sauk and the Discovery Center will offer a Science Camp for fourth through sixth graders. Participants will enjoy three days of incredible science exploration and fun hands-on projects. Camp classes can be taken as a series or independently for $35/day.  This camp will feature:

  • Angry Birds, Monday, July 1. Participants will learn about how to have fun with physics as they take this online game to a whole new level. Build catapults, assemble slingshots and more!
  • Whoosh, Tuesday, July 2. Campers will harness air with a hovercraft and pit their strength against air pressure.
  • Kaboom!, Wednesday, July 3. Campers will experiment with explosions, launch mini rockets, construct a potato popper, and discover what puts the color in fireworks!
  • The World of the Tyrannosaurus rex, Monday, July 8. Participants will discover what the world was like when Tyrannosaurus rex roamed what is now Montana.  Learn about the T rex’s bit and habitat too.
  • Mysteries of the Horned Dinosaurs, Tuesday, July 9. Get the low down on current theories for these dinosaurs’ massive frills and numerous hornsand be able to touch real frill, triceratops bones and create a Ceratopsid model.
  • SuperCrocs, Wednesday, July 10. Fossil evidence of the late Cretaceous now shows a predator that was not another carnivorous dinosaur but a crocodile. Explore these Supercrocs, experiment with bite force, and examine real crocodile and alligator skulls and teeth. Make your own Supercroc and its habitat.
  • Digging for Dinosaurs, Thursday, July 11. Here participants will learn how dinosaur bone is fossilized and go through the process of excavating bones, and learn how to carefully remove the matrix from the bone.

All camps will be held from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. To register, call SVCC’s Business and Community Education Office at 815-835-6212.