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SVCC Student Heidi Pierson Graduates with Degree at Eighteen

Most students would enter their first year of college at the age of eighteen, but Heidi Pierson of Walnut will complete her degree at Sauk Valley Community College this May.

Heidi started at SVCC not knowing what she wanted to do as a career. She signed up for several classes and found that the College gave her more structure to her education (prior to this she was homeschooled). She had different instructors to connect with about her interests, had a set schedule and soon found something she had a passion to do. “I found out I really liked math and physics,” she stated. “I excelled in those areas, and this helped me focus on what I wanted to get into as a career.” She will now graduate with an associate’s degree in engineering.

After SVCC Heidi will attend Western Illinois University’s-Quad Cities to major in engineering. She would like to work for companies that deal with farm machinery such as John Deere or Caterpillar. “Engineering is the perfect fit for me. I grew up on a farm and worked around machinery.”

To start upper-level courses at 18 could be frightening and uneasy, but Heidi says she is well prepared thanks to SVCC’s TRiO program. “TRiO gave me the confidence I need to excel in a career. Everyone involved with the program encouraged me to grow and pushed me to go one step more.” She believes higher education is important overall no matter what age as it helps people reassess themselves and what they want to do while giving them that “edge” in the work place.

Anyone 16 years or older has an opportunity to take classes at SVCC! Call our recruiting office at 815-835 6421 or counseling office at 815-835-6354.

SVCC’s student support service’s TRiO program is designed to assist students to excel in academics and educational goals. The program provides extra support and encouragement for eligible students. It serves 200 SVCC students annually giving extra individual attention to participants’ academic, professional and overall goals. For more information on this program, contact TRiO’s office at 815-835-6268.