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Compare the Cost at SVCC

Everyone deserves quality education at an affordable price to get the goal at the end...a degree. That is what Sauk wants to make sure students can accomplish. Students attending a four year institution and students attending SVCC for two years followed by a university or college will both earn the same degree, the only difference is the price of getting that same degree. What could you do with the money saved? Have you compared the price?
Sauk Valley Community College average cost of tuition for two years is $6180*
Cost of tuition & fees at the following institutions for two years**:

College/University                             Cost of Tuition & Fees for 2 Years**                       Amount Saved by attending SVCC  
Augustana College$71,670                                              $65,490
Aurora University$39,800                                               $33,620
Benedictine University$51,700                                              $45, 520
Bradley University$56,578                                               $50,398
Columbia College$43,155                                               $36,975
DePaul University$63,300                                              $57,120
Eastern Illinois University$21,860                                              $15,680
Elmhurst College$62,900                                               $56,720
Eureka College$40,120                                               $33,940
Governors State University$18,232                                               $12,052
Illinois State University$25,452                                               $19,272
Illinois Wesleyan University$75,968                                               $69,788
Knox College$76,572                                               $70,392
Lake Forest College$79,684                                               $73,504
Lewis University$51,870                                               $45,690
Loyola University of Chicago$83,174                                               $76,994
MacMurray College$58,300                                               $52,120
McKendree University$50,680                                              $44,500
Millikin University$57,638                                              $51,458
Monmouth College$63,654                                              $57,474
National-Louis University$38,900                                               $32,720
North Central College$62,142                                              $55,962
Northern Illinois University$22,993                                               $16,813
Northwestern University$87,558                                               $81,378
Olivet Nazarene University$56,180                                               $50,000
Quincy University$51,670                                               $45,490
Robert Morris College$59,200                                               $53,020
Rockford College$52,720                                              $46,540
Roosevelt University$53,200                                               $47,020
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale$23,055                                              $16,875
University of Chicago$89,148                                               $82,968
University of Illinois-Chicago$32,312                                               $26,132
University of Illinois-Springfield$19,076                                              $12,896
University of Illinois-Urb/Champaign$44,780                                               $38,600
Western Illinois University$22,363                                               $16,183
Wheaton College$60,260                                               $54,080
* Based on $103/credit hours at 15 hours/semester (does not include lab fees or textbooks)
** Tuition numbers from 2012-13 year