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Another Sauk Success Chris Thompson

Christopher Thompson of Denver, Colorado spent a day with SVCC radiologic technology students presenting on his career, MRI neurosurgery and advice for current students. It was not long ago that Christopher sat in the same chairs as his audience, learning about what he could do with his radiologic technology degree.

“I enrolled in the rad tech program at Sauk after researching the field and finding the career to be exciting with growth potential,” Christopher stated in an interview. “Sauk thoroughly prepared me for the ‘real world’ and work-related challenges. I have worked with individuals from different programs and found that they were not as prepared or had the skills I obtained from SVCC. I also was able to build relationships with my peers and clinical site (at KSB Hospital in Dixon).”

After graduating in 2006, Christopher enrolled in Southern Illinois University-Carbondale’s advanced specialization MRI CT program, receiving his bachelor’s degree the next year. The hard work put into each degree paid off as Christopher accepted a position at the University of Colorado Hospital. After working as a tech in the MRI suite, Christopher was asked to be the project manager for the new intraoperative MRI suite after helping plan the new areas logistics. The suite allows for MRI and surgeries to be done simultaneously. Now Christopher is in charge of all department communication, coordination of procedures, surgeries, MRIs and more.

What advice does this Sauk Success have? "Community colleges are an excellent place to start. You save a large amount of money and receive more attention than in some entry courses at a four-year institution. I also loved that at Sauk there was more opportunities to do hands-on work.”

Another Sauk Success!