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SVCC is Convenient for Your Educational Career

Sauk Valley Community College offers a variety of class options to allow students to balance school with their lives. Many students will take the traditional morning/afternoon classes that meet twice or three times per week. Other options are available as well. They include: 

Eight-week- An eight-week course condenses the time it will take for a student to finish a course. This may help a student catch up or stay ahead of his or her academic plan. These courses also allow new students to begin in the middle of the semester. Check out our eight week courses availabe this spring starting March 17 at

Evening- An evening course will occur once a week for a three hour time frame or twice a week starting after 4 p.m. These are labeled N in SVCC's schedule

Hybrid- A course that is split time between online and face-to-face (in a classroom setting). These are labled YB in SVCC's schedule.

Online- These courses are 100% online learning experiences. Deadlines, lectures and assignments may be treated differently so pay attention to the syllabus. These are labled TI in SVCC's schedule.