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Pipe Welders Wanted Fall 2015

Read to take the next step in your career?

Sauk Valley Community College’s Pipe Welding program is taking registrations now for late fall classes.

Four-year degrees don’t always pay off so getting valuable training quickly and affordably could be your ticket to a profitable and satisfying career.

Late fall classes begin October 12 so visit today or call an advisor at 815-835-6273 to learn about registration, testing, financial aid, scholarships and more.

Visit to start late and finish smart in Pipe Welding at Sauk.

Classes available for Late Fall:

WLD 101 Industrial MIG Welding

WLD 102 Shielded Metal Arc Welding

WLD 103 MIG Welding

WLD 104 TIG Welding

WLD 106 Welding Fundamentals

WLD 132 Horizontal Pipe Weld-2G

WLD 134 TIG-Small Diameter Pipe

WLD 135 Vertical Pipe Welding-5G

WLD 136 Angled Pipe Welding-6G