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"Participant Observer" Exhibit

SVCC Presents Chicago Artist, Jen Evans’ "Participant Observer"

Sauk Valley Community College presents "Participant Observer" paintings by visiting Chicago artist, Jen Evans, March 28-April 15 in the SVCC Art Gallery located on the second floor, room 2L1A.

A special reception with the artist will be held April 13, 5:30-7:30 p.m. This free reception will include light refreshments.

In the words of the artist, “The marks are immediate, layered, and experimental. Media may include oil and acrylic based paints, ink, oil stick, pastel, graphite, epoxy resin, beeswax, automotive pigment, industrial reflective materials, plaster, wood, and fabric.

A participant observer in my own life, I record thoughts and experiences, one on top of the last. Each painting is a document of quick sketches stacked on a single surface. I am seeking an understanding of the bigger picture.

What new truth or unexpected image will appear as these layers compile? What losses will I have to cut, as I make edits for the greater good of the whole? Intently curious and admittedly obsessive, I continue to work and change paintings until they are out of my hands.

My most recent work is a relatively minimalistic reflection on my perpetual domestic failures and ill-fated efforts to find peace through structure. There is the beauty of found shapes within piles of laundry and stacks of dirty dishes, but that is only a visual vehicle.

How much enlightenment can I derive from painting dishes instead of just washing them? I ask this both honestly and tongue-in-cheek, and in a palette like rainbow sherbet.”

"Participant Observer" is sponsored by the Sauk Valley College Foundation and SVCC Art Gallery. For questions about the exhibit or artist’s reception, please contact Suzanne Gorgas,